Competition Team


We can tailor a package to meet your budget. Most catered packages are $25 to $40 per person



BBQ Wings- Dry rubbed wings, smoked hot and fast for crispy skin and  finished with a tangy sweet BBQ sauce

Moink Balls-  Meatballs wrapped in bacon and drizzled in BBQ sauce

Atomic Buffalo Bombs - Jalepeno pepper stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon and smoked over hickory

BBQ Meats

St. Louis Ribs  - Pork spare ribs trimmed St. Louis  style, dry rubbed with a sweet and savory BBQ spice and smoked over hickory and apple woods for 6 hours. Served with a mouth water Kansas City style BBQ sauce.

Pulled Pork - Boston Butt dry rubbed and smoked for 15 hours of hickey and oak, pulled and sauced with a secret peach sauce. Served with a tangy Carolina style sauce with pickles and onions for sandwiches.

Brisket - For our Texas style brisket we start with a 45 day wet aged Certified Black Angus brisket which is then rubbed with a  peppery dry rub, and  smoked for 15 hours over hickory and oak. Brisket may be served chopped in a Texas style sauce for sandwiches or sliced to order at your party.

Wagyu Brisket - From Snake River Farms in  Idaho, Wagyu brisket is the "Gold standard" on the BBQ competition circuit. Why? Genetically, Wagyu is a cross between Black Angus cattle and a Japanese breed, famously known as "Kobe" beef. The Japanese breed genetically contributes  genes which makes the beef well marbled with a soft buttery fat which melts in your mouth. It also contains higher percentages of monounsaturated fats,  omega-3 and omega-6  fatty acids and has lower cholesterol than commodity beef.  This Japanese breed is known for being on the smaller side. The Black Angus breed contributes genes which allow the cows to be much larger  than the Japanese breed.

For those special occasions or just to treat yourself, the Smoked Wagyu brisket cannot be beat! We use Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket exclusively in competition.

SRF Briskets are one of the reasons why we are ranked 10th out of 2900 teams that compete each year on the Kansas City BBQ Society circuit.

BBQ Chicken - Prepared 1 of 2 ways: 1 - Competition style: Chicken thighs dry rubbed, smoked  over apple wood and sauced ... soft bite thru skin, silky and succulent meat...Certified BBQ Judges love these!! 2 - Pulled Chicken: Dry rubbed and smoked over apple wood. Thighs are then shredded , sauced and re-seasoned with rub...served on sandwiches.


Carolina Style Cole Slaw - Freshly shredded cabbage and carrots in a creamy mayonnaise and apple cider vinegar sauce with a touch of honey

Peach Bourbon Bacon Baked Beans - A recipe that has won numerous awards on the competition circuit. Courtesy of a Pitmaster from Indiana; Sausage, bacon, bourbon, peaches, and beans baked in smoker over hickory and oak woods.

Corn Bread - a recipe from a Pitmaster in California that has won numerous Team of the Year awards!! A light corn bread not too sweet, not too dense; just perfect.

Shredded Potato Casserole - a recipe from another Pitmaster, this one from Kansas City. He was the Grand Champion at the American Royal Invitational in 2009. These potatoes are addictive! Shredded potatoes, cheese, sauce and BBQ rub baked until golden and bubbly.


Slow Smoked BBQ for your next event

Corporate events, Parties, weddings, block parties

PROUDLY Smoking the competition since 2005!

Have Stubborn Bull BBQ cater your next event; graduations, birthdays, weddings and block parties.

We will arrive very early at your event with our smokers and trailer and begin slow smoking ribs, brisket, chicken, sausage and pulled pork. Hickory smoke wafts through the air as your guests arrive, mouths watering. Our award winning BBQ will be served to your guests by our friendly staff.